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The genie
A smart genie

Talk to me, I will answer you with our voice technology.
I perform many tasks for you.
Of course, be polite!

A reassuring genie 

I guarantee your safety, yes I like that. I allow to prolong the maintenance in the home of the dependent persons or with reduced mobility in all serenity.

A connected genie

I’m permanently connected no matter where you are. Smartphone, tablet, PC or TV, call me, I will answer.

Compagnon connecté dommee

A discreet genie

Never one word higher than the other. My almost invisible sensors installed in your home analyze your daily functioning and adapt them to your family.

A benevolent genie

I capture your life events and medical data. This allows me to alert your relatives or authorized persons in case of anomalies. Keep calm !

Acceder a Dommee objets connectes


Intelligent management of the home and its connected objects.


Access Dommee

Dommee is accessible by voice from many interfaces via mobile platforms, PCs, tablets (Ios, Android) or with television.
This piloting service gives you access and guarantees the security of your data.

appartement et maison connectés dommee

for the home

Control of the home and its
connected objects.


Dommee’s functions

Dommee is smart. It analyzes in real time all the important data of your home and your family lifestyle.
On a daily basis, Dommee controls your connected objects.
Via its micro sensors, it deduces and suggests solutions to improve your safety, your health, and your well-being.

Logement connecté et intelligent

My daily life
with Dommee

Proactive benevolence
for the whole family.


My daily life with Dommee

At the center of the Dommee solution is the concept of life habit. Dommee records the information sent by the sensors, then impregnates himself, and puts himself at the service of his family.
Agenda, shopping list, weather, homework help, badly closed refrigerator door … Dommee accompanies you every day to optimize your time, organize your tasks and even better, to warn you in real time in case of anomaly that you are at home or outside.

Seniors connectés Domicile

and Dommee

Staying in your home much longer with the Dommee system.


Seniors and Dommee

9 out of 10 seniors want to live at home. Dommee offers caring security.
He speaks, informs, suggests and advises. He takes care of your health by reminding you in particular to take your medication, to cover you in case of bad weather, not to forget your appointments … It is a friend of every day.
In addition to being a real companion, in case of changes of habit of life, such as drinking, feeding, sleeping, moving, going out … he ensures a permanent link with his entourage via a dedicated portal. In the event of a fall, it warns the family or carers in real time.

Contact Dommee

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